I’m Mark Tracy and I grew up all too soon. I was only 9 years old when my father died at 43. I learned the hard way that life isn’t fair, that adults and society don’t always know what to do, or even care to do it. I found out about Social Security when I learned to sign the back of the checks my mother and I received. And I was 18 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I had to find a way to honor her wish to die at home by myself, without the support of any surviving grandparents. I sat at her bedside and had to respond to her request for me to end her life at age 47.

These experiences have made me who I am today, and this is the perspective I will bring with me as your state representative. Someone who will ensure that foster care extends beyond 18 years of age. Someone who will protect a woman’s right to choose. Someone who will work hard to ensure that young people are never left behind. A representative who can anticipate and foresee the dramatic changes coming to our economy and actually do something. And a representative who will make the job a full-time priority. My personal experience drove me to succeed in business and taught me how to analyze situations and anticipate challenges.

I’m a graduate of Brown University and Harvard’s Kennedy School and have a long history of community work with Save The Bay, Hope Hospice and Palliative Care of RI, Investment Commissioner – City of Providence, Ocean State Innovate, and the Summit Neighborhood Association. I had a long and successful career with one of the largest family-owned companies in the country. I’m a small business owner. I’m a proud husband of Dr. Molly Tracy, and a doting father to Kate (7) and Jonah (4). I look forward to meeting you and listening to your concerns so I can be a true public servant for District 4.

The Tracy Family

The Tracy Family: (L-R) Kate, Mark, Jonah, and Molly

Mark Tracy supports:

  • A woman’s right to choose
  • Universal health coverage
  • Fixing our public schools
  • Investing in green energy infrastructure
  • Common sense gun safety
  • Affordable housing + rent stabilization bill
  • Support for small business
  • Pay For Success contracting
  • A responsible state budget
Rhode Island State House District 4

Map of the Rhode Island State House District 4