Mark Tracy for RI State Rep District 4

Mark Tracy (Progressive Democrat) for RI State Representative District 4

Providence – I’m Mark Tracy and I grew up all too soon. I was 9 years old when my father died at 43. I learned the hard way that life isn’t fair, that adults and society don’t always know what to do, or even care to do it. I found out about Social Security when I learned to sign the back of the checks my mother and I received. And I was 18 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and without siblings or any surviving grandparents had to find a way to honor my mother’s wishes to die at home. I sat at her bedside and had to respond to her request for me to end her life at age 47.

This is what made me who I am and this is the experience I will bring to bear as your representative. Someone who will ensure that foster care extends beyond 18 years old. Someone who secures the right to choose for all women. Someone who will work hard to ensure that young people are never forgotten and left behind. A representative who can anticipate and foresee the dramatic changes coming to our economy and actually does something about it. My personal experience drove me to be successful in business and to be constantly analyzing change – to anticipate where the next threat was going to come from.

This isn’t a typical press release and that’s a good thing. If we campaign and govern the same way, I’m afraid we’re going to continue to get the same mediocre results. I’m different, and in a lot of ways I guess you could call me odd. And that’s great – it’s why I understand that it takes people from all different backgrounds to solve our problems. Rhode Island is great because we have always embraced difference. Difference is the spark of transformation which will let Rhode Island grow its way to a new and brighter day.

I’m a graduate of Brown University and Harvard’s Kennedy School and have a long history of community work with Save The Bay, Hope Hospice and Palliative Care of RI, Investment Commissioner – City of Providence, Ocean State Innovate, and the Summit Neighborhood Association. I had a long and successful career with one of the largest family owned companies in the country. I’m a small business owner. I’m a proud husband of Dr. Molly Tracy, and a doting father to Kate (7) and Jonah (4). I look forward to meeting you and listening to your concerns so I can be a true public servant and Progressive Democrat for District 4.

Mark and his dad

Mark and his mom

The Tracy Family

The Tracy Family: (L-R) Kate, Mark, Jonah, and Molly