Mark has a proven track record as an innovator and problem solver. He will work tirelessly to address the needs of our community and bring creative, effective solutions to the State House.

Innovation To…

Build More Resilient Communities

We need to explore ways to find non-traditional sources of revenue to bolster Rhode Island’s social safety net. To accomplish this goal, Mark supports:

  • Putting in place Pay For Success (PFS) contracting, an innovative financing mechanism that will ensure that taxpayers pay only if goals are met. Download Mark’s PFS article or to learn more, visit Pay For Success and FAQs.
  • Investing in affordable housing for all members of our community by:
    • Enacting a Housing First model to help end chronic homelessness.
    • Increasing the number of affordable housing units in the N. Main area by enacting inclusionary housing to change zoning requirements of the building code.
    • Passing rent stabilization to ensure viable housing options for low-income and working families.
    • Extending the state’s Foreclosure Mediation Act.
    • Matching college students with seniors through a mutual homeshare pilot so that they can help each other in many different ways.
  • Addressing the need for food security across our community by supporting programs like Food on the Move through the RI Public Health Institute where Mark is proud to serve on the Board of Directors. Learn more
  • Passing a universal health care coverage initiative to make sure all Rhode Islanders, particularly the most vulnerable in our state, have access to high-quality health care.

“I’m supporting Mark because I believe he will help improve the health and well-being of Rhode Islanders.”

—Amy Nunn, Executive Director, RIPHI

Support Education

Mark is committed to improving our public schools so that every student can learn and thrive in a safe environment. He supports:

  • Revising the Providence Public Schools District (PPSD) funding formula to be more equitable and support high-quality public education for all students, including English language learners, across the City.
  • Fixing our school buildings by passing the School Construction Bond so that students can learn in a safe, healthy environment.
  • Investing in universal pre-K in our public schools to ensure that high-quality preschool is available to all families in our community.
  • Increasing resources to address childhood trauma.
  • Approaching education more holistically to accommodate diverse learning styles.

Strengthen Our Economy

Mark’s deep knowledge and experience in finance and government makes him the ideal candidate to build our economy. As state rep, he will use his knowledge and skills to:

  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurship:
    • Create a new small business revolving loan fund for startups in Providence with preference to women- and minority-owned businesses. Loans would be $100,000 or less at a socially responsible interest rate. Revolving loan fund means that the fund continues to grow and lend out as the startups pay back their loans over time.
    • Promote inclusive economic growth that includes all of us not just the wealthy.
    • Streamline business and tax regulations, including waiving the LLC filing fee for businesses with profit below $10,000 per year.
    • Develop an on-boarding flow chart for small business at both the state and city level that includes all departments, filings, and more.
    • Incentivize Rhode Islanders to Buy Local.
  • Ensure a fiscally responsible state budget. We can’t continue to cut our way out of budget challenges, we must grow our way out. As progressives, we have the key ingredients needed to jump-start our economy. Innovation happens when everyone is included in the discussion and diverse viewpoints intersect.

Protect Our Environment

It is clear that we must invest in renewable energy sources and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels if we are to protect our planet for future generations. As state rep, Mark will:

  • Embrace and support green energy siting, both offshore as well as on brownfield sites.
  • Adopt an innovative carbon tax with our regional neighbors: MA, CT, NH, VT, and ME.
  • Build coalitions that include small- and medium-sized businesses. The new generation of business understands that they can do well by doing good.
  • Advocate for incentives to encourage zero-waste and increased recycling and composting by residents and businesses (the Johnston Landfill will be full in 20 years).
  • Improve storm water runoff and reduce flooding with green streets.
  • Work with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to allow Providence to be fairly compensated for its water supply. Currently, the PUC forces Providence to sell its water at wholesale prices to other municipalities who then mark it up and sell to consumers we may not support, such as new power plants. This unfair practice needs to change.

Get More Out of Government

The problems we face are complex and varied, and we need a government that works to successfully meet these challenges. Mark will move to:

  • Advocate for performance-based budgeting to make government more accountable and to refocus priorities on results not just spending.
  • Use human-centered design to boost employee engagement and uncover ways to improve service delivery with the same resources. Learn more
  • Encourage community activism through social events with the state rep serving as a hub of knowledge and conduit to connect people, businesses, and non-profits.

Mark Tracy Supports:

  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose in RI by passing the Reproductive Health Care Act
  • Universal health coverage
  • Fixing our public schools and investing in universal pre-K
  • Building a green energy infrastructure
  • Passing the Gun Safety Act to prevent concealed carry permit holders from bringing guns on K-12 school grounds
  • Investing in affordable housing
  • Improving the operating environment for local business
  • Pay For Success contracting
  • Addressing Providence’s $1 billion pension shortfall

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