In his August 25, 2018 weekly ward letter, Providence City Councilman (Ward 2) Sam Zurier outlined the reasons why he will be voting for Mark Tracy in the Democratic primary on September 12th. Chief among these reasons is Mark’s deep knowledge and ability to tackle the fiscal complexities of our budget and public school funding formula, which will be revised at the end of this year. Sam writes, “A major challenge for our schools is an inadequate level of State aid, due to an inequitable funding formula that is cloaked in mathematical obscurity. The General Assembly is scheduled to revisit the formula soon, and Mark Tracy has identified this as a priority. Mark has the financial and analytic skill to understand the formula’s complexities. We need a more equitable formula that will support a quality public education for everyone across the City of Providence, while also providing an attractive option for our middle class families. Providence needs a strong middle class to prosper, and we need strong public schools to support a strong middle class. I believe Mark Tracy is best qualified to take on this issue.”

In addition, Sam believes that Mark “has the best chance to build a strong partnership between our State and our City’s government and public schools,” an essential aspect of effectively representing the needs of our District and our State. Mark understands that achieving our goals of social justice and economic security for all Rhode Islanders requires coming up with new ways to create revenue. As “an ideas candidate,” Mark has put forth specific proposals “for partnerships that can expand our State services through the investment of private funds without taxpayer risk, and to support business development without sacrificing our tax base. Our State can benefit from new ideas to serve us effectively and efficiently.”

Thank you, Sam Zurier for your support—and for your years of dedicated public service on the Providence City Council. You will be missed.

To read Sam’s full endorsement, please click here.